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Start-up Package

Seamless and Localized Office with these key Services:

  • Chicago-land Prestige Business mailing address
  • Local land line phone number
  • Personalized call-answering, forwarding, voicemail, instant messaging by a native-english speaking real person (not computer-generated voice over)
  • US based e-mail address and basic template-based website in American English
  • Your Chicago Home Office could be use as satellite or subsidiary, auxiliary, statutory, full-time, or part-time office with on-demand office space and/or conference room, business center.

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All Services Will Be Quoted And Agreed In Writing At The Time Of Your Needs And After Your “Start-Up Package” Is In Full Service.

YUSA will be your #1 U.S. business asset and partner, with all the resources necessary to expand your business activities in the North America.

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